About Us

Optical Communications Group (OCG), formed in 1998, is a privately held fiber optic connectivity provider. OCG offers high bandwidth fiber optic transmission capacity to a wide range of enterprise customers, voice/data carriers, and government. OCG owns and operates a facilities based network, so we have direct control of end-to-end network quality. Our team provides an extensive array of offerings including the design, construction and maintenance of fiber optic networks. Our proficiency in managing the "last mile", is contributing to our reputation as an organization that provides a lower cost, secure, quality solution for your fiber transport needs.

Building your network requires substantial investment of time and financial resources. When you purchase or lease OCG Fiber service, you take pleasure in the benefits of owning your own network without having to design, construct and maintain it yourself. OCG can help you design, build, manage and expand an end-to-end NYC Metro and Long Island solution.